Processes in economy as well as in society are getting more and more complex. Therefore, decision makers often refer to inherent necessities when taking decisions. Vision are not applicable any more. This finally leads to a management vacuum where complexity is no longer actively reduced but only administrated.

Especially for the financial services sector this means rising process costs which make the own services unaffordable in the end. Due to economical basic conditions, risks and the costs of risk prevention are growing.

Mere cost minimization is no resort, as this virtually is always combined with a cutback and loss of quality in service. The resultant development leads to a indissoluble conflict of interests between the banks and their customers.

The sensible way is the reduction of complexity of processes through holistic and visionary action.

FI.NET FI.NET - Network for IT Consulting in Financial Services
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We support financial sector companies in defining and realising holistic and visionary strategies that enhance the efficiency of their business models. This happens on the basis of three rationales:
  • "Won't work doesn't exist!"
    We call feigned inherent necessities into question.
  • "We accept responsibility!!"
    We offer holistic support, from Business Consulting up to the concrete technical implementation.
  • "We are your solution partner!"
    Holistic problem solutions can only be developed and implemented when all people involved act in concert.
- Enterprise Architektur Management (EAM)
   implementation / design of service catalogs
   implementation architecture planning
- Generic solutions such as
   Cross Life Cycle Management
- Common practices such as ITIL, CMMI, CMII
- Process Management
- Repository Management (ontologies in IT)
- Workflow Management
- Test Management
- Knowledge Management (km-a, Agenda Wissen)

We understand ourselves as "Coach" of our customers, not as "Consultant". As coach we accompany our customers as partner through the whole process: from the agreement on objectives to the design of professional and technical architecture to the point of organisational implementation.

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